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Domain Branding Strategy

Having a domain naming strategy before you conduct a Name Search for your organization will help your choose a good domain name for your brand. We at Speedy Domain Search, recommend or suggest domain names based on the information that is fed to our system. To avoid confusion for your customers, it is always recommended to have a domain name that matches the brand name. Choosing a domain name specific to a country or a region can be another strategy to let your users know the geographic location from where you operate. List down all the domain names that you relates to your brand and narrow down the domain name search results based on the availability of your domain. A good domain name can lead you to an increased brand awareness.

SEO Friendly Domain Name

A keyword rich Domain Name can boost your Search Engine Website visibility. Don't buy a domain name just to jump up on Search Engine Ranking. Domain name that you buy should be a natural fit in your industry, your geographic location or may be your market segment. Shorter domain names are easy to remember and can quickly be typed without typos.

Domain Name for Blog

If you intend to blog, create a blog with your First Name + Last Name combination or a combination of your name and the topic that you intend to write your articles on. It will be easier for people to remember these names when you refer people to your blog. There are many FREE blogging websites such as Wordpress, Blogger where you can start your blog.

Keywords in Domain Name

Having keywords in a domain name is not a must. Websites artificially stuffed with keywords may not score well with Search Engines. Keyword(s) in your domain name should work well with your service, solution or product offering. Avoid hyphenated domain names and long exact match domain names as they may not be effective as they once were.

Tips for Domain Naming

Quick tips for domain naming: shorter domain names, easy to remember, relevant to the industry, combination of popular domain names such as .tech / .menu / .photography with your brand name, identifying domain name with your geographic location, adding powerful keywords or adjectives and having synonyms of key words.